Design + Build

Here at Maserat Developments, we truly understand the cost and implications of building your dream home. To achieve your goal whether it is your next home to your family or an investment to earn a profit, you need accurate data to make the right decisions.

Building your home can be complex from selecting the right architect to negotiating the price with different trades who are involved in the development of every slice of your home. We can help you to achieve your goal by helping you in every step of the way.

Through our Design + Build service, we are going to help you to create the blueprint of your project and build it for you as expected. We hate double-dipping and making money from unfair sources, unlike many players in the market. We don’t believe in a percentile pricing based on the overall expenses of your project; so we only charge you based on flat-fee discussed in early meetings.

All the way from "Design" to "Build"

Design + Build

To provide outstanding result we provide the following services:

Architectural & Engineering Drawings

Before anything, you need to hire an architect and structural engineer to apply and get the building permit from the City of Toronto. We will help you select the right team for your project. The team of architects and engineers will prepare drawings based on your vision.

Interior Design & Decoration

While applying for the permit, you need to know what you like to do with the interior of your house. From the number of pot lights to the shape of the moulding or selecting the right handles for the kitchen. Our design team can help you have a uniform final product.

Project Management

Upon starting your project, you need to have everything planned out and have a Gantt chart of the next steps. 

Trades Selection, Payments & Agreements

Selecting the professional trade that can be trusted can be challenging. We will consulate with you to select the right party and sign an agreement that can serve your needs. 

Material Ordering & Discounts

As a development company, we always get discounts with suppliers. We are proud to share these benefits with our customers.